How To Find A Trustworthy Financial Planner

How to Find the Right Financial Planner. Everyone knows or at least should know, the importance of getting sound financial advice from a qualified financial planner whenever they have some wealth to manage, or when they aspire to have some wealth to manage. […]

How To Get A Wwe Account

If you get one of these errors, go to Service status to check for any current problems with Xbox Live or the WWE app. If there are no problems and you get one of these errors when you try to start the WWE app, wait about a minute and try again. […]

How To Give Gift Card For Kindle

A good thing is that if the recipient doesn’t like to redeem Kindle Unlimited subscription, she or he will be able to exchange it for an Amazon gift card. You can find more details about Kindle Unlimited gift-giving … […]

How To Go To The End In Minecraft Xbox One

Minecraft for Xbox One is available to download from Xbox Marketplace! Here are some questions and answers to celebrate. Here are some questions and answers to celebrate. Ive bought Minecraft for my Xbox 360 but now I want it on my Xbox One. […]

How To Get More Money On Sims 3 Iphone

2/06/2009 On the sims itouch/iPhone, a good way to get money is by going fishing and selling it. It can get added up to thousands of dollars. It can get added up to thousands of dollars. Reply Delete […]

How To Get A Swarm In 5 Kills

*SECRET* CODES THAT CAN GIVE GIFTED BEES FOR FREE - NEW UPDATE ⭐ Bee Swarm Simulator ⭐ ROBLOX. 5 ROBLOX SECRETS YOU WISH YOU KNEW!! (Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator Secrets). *SECRETS* HOW TO GET GIFTED BEES IN NEW UPDATE!! (Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator Secrets). 10 ways to get banned on ROBLOX 3. NEW *FREE* DIAMOND EGG SECRET LOCATION & GIFTED BABY BEE!! Roblox Bee Swarm … […]

How To Get Telstra Phone Plans Cheap

In comparison, Telstra's own plans tend to offer more, but cost too much. Its prepaid plans are about $10 - $20 more than most of the competition, for the amount of data you get. […]

How To Lose Weight During First Trimester

Second Trimester Weight Loss though weight gain in the first trimester has a stronger impact on a newborn’s size. Dangers . Weight gain in your second trimester is very important, so if your weight loss is intentional, you should stop trying to lose immediately. The weight you gain is crucial to your baby’s development. It also supplies the fat stores necessary for breastfeeding after […]

How To Get Pregnant Very Fast With Pcos

The pill also seems to get rid of most of PCOS’ symptoms.So, women generally find out they have it when they can’t get pregnant. PCOS is the number one cause of infertility in the US. PCOS is the number one cause of infertility in the US. […]

How To Keep A Cat Upstairs

For cats, scratching is an essential part of daily life, and grooming their claws is just one reason. Cats also scratch to stretch the muscles in their backs and to mark their territory with the scent in … […]

How To Get A Smooth Flawless Face Naturally

13/01/2010 Best Answer: Try a lotion with any of these as a main ingredient: Shea Butter - Helps your skin naturally absorb moisture from the air around you. Coconut Oil - Moisturizes your skin and makes it really soft. Aloe Vera - Replenishes moisture and brings relief to itchy, dry skin […]

How To Get Nail Polish Off Of Fabric Furniture

They both contain plenty of alcohol and should be able to lift away the nail polish from clothes and fabric. I was able to clean dried nail polish on wooden furniture using aftershave lotion. Seemed to […]

How To Leave Your Body To Medical Science Scotland

Donating your body to science is actually a complex and tightly regulated process. However, it's possible, to some extent, to actually let science use your body without being dead. What follows is […]

How To Get Tousled Wavy Hair

Step 1: Prep hair with a heat protectant then use a hair wand to curl hair away from the face to create a wavy tousled effect. Step 2: Make sure to set your style with Dove Style + Care Strength and Shine Flexible Hold Hairspray for all-day hold and waves that stay put. […]

How To Motivate Myself To Go To Work

5 Simple Tricks to Keep Motivated When You Work Out Alone Lets face it: its much easier to motivate ourselves to do things when someone else tells us what to do. Thats why so many people have jobs with bosses, instead of striking out on their own. […]

How To Quickly Learn Big Data

The world is becoming more connective and interactive by internet and IoT, and more machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) applications, especially, more FinTech applications, are ingesting vast quantities of streaming event data from multiple sources. […]

How To Clean End Snoop Dog Vapour Pen

Snoop Dogg G Pen is undoubtedly the best-known ‘vaporizer’ in the UK, which is a pity because all the devices sold under this brand name have very little to do with actual vaporization. […]

How To Get Stuff Cheaper

26/02/2016 · Since 1995, durable goods (cars, televisions, computers and the like) have been getting cheaper in the U.S. That's even as the prices of services … […]

How To Find Videos Shared With Me On Youtube

Photos & videos are precious memories and all of us never want to ever lose them to hard disk crashes or missing drives. PicBackMan is the easiest and simplest way to keep your photos & videos safely backed up in one or more online accounts. […]

How To Get Free Games On Ps3 2018

December 9, 2018 Blog 34 Comments. PS3 Jailbreak 4.83 CFW will provide you with full administrator and developer rights over your consoles stock software. After jailbreaking your PS3, you can back up games directly to your console, play new file formats that were previously unsupported, install game mods, and run third-party software not supported by PS3. To jailbreak your PS3, you must […]

How To Get A Clam To Open Without Killing It

13/07/2010 If the clam wont take the knife, meanwhile, I learned a neat trick from the chef Kerry Heffernan. He reverses the shells so that the knife rests on the clams hinge. Then, holding these firmly together, he bangs the knife on a cutting board, which seems to goose the clam into opening ever so slightly on its opposite side. […]

How To Get A Discord Servers Picture

Update - Discord is working well right now. We continue to work on adding capacity to a couple of systems that are exhibiting signs of load. We are leaving this incident open while we continue to add capacity to these systems and monitor for a decrease in load. […]

How To Get Christmas Lights To Stay On Tiles

A 2-by-4 is best for large displays, and a 2-by-2 is fine for small, light-weight displays. Step 2 Drill 2- or 3-inch screws, depending on the thickness of the display, through the decoration and into the wood. […]

How To Make Feet Grow Bigger

3/12/2014 (left=size24, right=size16, the sizes are bigger now, left=size27, right=size19. the good/bad thing is that there still growing!!! i want to have bigger feet, but the cost of shoes is high, yet, the person to the rights BOTHER have size 29!, (i WILL get bigger feet them him!!!)) […]

How To Find People In Sl

When I joined Second Life, I was curious about the sex thing. I knew people were having virtual sex all over SL, but I didn't know how that worked or what it involved. It took some research for me to find out; what I really wanted was a breakdown of how everything was done. I couldn't find it, so… […]

How To Fix League Of Legends Not Opening

These are usually harmless; web browsers, League of Legends and instant messengers, for example, open outgoing connections. Updating your Firewall We have contacted a large number of firewall and anti-virus manufacturers to identify League of Legends as a harmless application and add exceptions for League of Legends automatically. […]

How To Feel Sexy For Your Man

When you feel you’re drifting apart from your partner, it’s tempting to use sex to try to reconnect. But using intimacy to create connection is backwards. Connection creates intimacy, because […]

How To Find Hanja Books In Sydney

View Guy Ohandja’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Guy has 6 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Guy’s connections and jobs at similar companies. […]

How To Get Wishiwashi School Form In Pokemon Sun

Wishiwashi (Solo Form) Wishiwashi (School Form) 8 of 21. Continue Reading. Related Topics: Guide, how, look, moon, Pokemon, shiny pokemon, sun, where. Comments. Related Posts. Pokemon Ultra Sun […]

How To Keep Salad Fresh Meal Prep

I’ve compiled my best salad recipes and tips for keeping them fresh all week! Prep lunch once, enjoy grab-and-go lunches for days. Prep lunch once, enjoy grab-and-go lunches for days. In THIS & THAT Tags MEAL PREP , SALADS […]

How To Get To Shepherds Bush By Tube

25/07/2011 · The excellent GoingUnderground blog has a story about a tube in Holland where passengers can jump on a slide instead of the stairs - why can't we have that?! […]

How To Get An Upload On Graal Classic

A tutorial graal video on how to upload a customs such as heads or bodies (But I only show you how to upload a Body in this video, but actually the Steps are the GraalOnline Classic: How to Upload a Head for 10,000 Gralats! […]

How To Get Rid Of Severe Congestion

How to get rid of a congested nose? A congested nose can really get in the way of your daily activities. How to stop nasal congestion depends on the underlying factor since a congested of nose is normally a symptom for an underlying condition such as common cold, sinusitis, flu, allergy, deviated nasal septum or enlarged adenoids among others. […]

How To Learn Spanish Conjugation

Home BlogQuick Trick to Ace the Spanish Present Tense Conjugation Share Tweet Share The present indicative tense, also known as simple present tense, is in all certainty your first interface with the confusing world of Spanish verb conjugations. […]

How To Get Guest Posts For Your Blog

Weve outlined our eight-step guide for how to guest post, concentrating on the pitch. Weve also created a cheat sheet of guest posting guidelines, contact information, and tips for pitching blog posts to 25 of the best business and news websites out there, including: […]

How To Find Market Share Data

How do I find Canadian market data? 25 Jan 2017 For guidance on how to size the US consumer and enterprise market, visit: How do I find US market data? Most of the links below will be derived from Statistics Canada, but you can also check out CANSIM, Statistics Canadas key socioeconomic database accessing the latest statistics available in Canada. The site also contains a tutorial for […]

How To Get Good At Music Production

Then come the VSTs - whether you use sample libraries or synthesisers - their usage IS what makes you a good music producer. Learning such usage can be splitt in 2 parts: Learning the nuances of the library/synthesiser itself (how much time, depends on the library) and learning the compositional aspect of it (which takes indefinetely long). […]

How To Get Axe Tarkov

Battlestate Games Escape From Tarkov continues to move through the testing phases of development, with the developers slowly bringing in more gamers to play the open-world, survival, loot-and […]

How To Get Netflix For Free Youtube

How to Get Netflix for free 2019 ( Step by Step Method) First, go to; 2. Now Click on Join Free for a Month. 3. After clicking on the join free for a month you will see 3 Netflix Plans. Now choose the plans you want. 4. Choosing the Plan you have to create a new Account. 5. Now Signup with your Email and Password. 6. Now after signup you have to add a payment method and use a […]

How To Fix Undercooked Rice

Can rice go bad? is a pretty tricky question to answer. As a matter of fact, this popular food can actually go bad. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t store uncooked rice for a very long time. […]

How To Help Tendonitis In Shoulder

In your arm, tendons connect muscles that allow you to lift your arm at your shoulder and bend it at your elbow. You experience tendinitis -- an inflammation in the arm -- when you use your arm in the same manner, excessively taxing your tendons. Examples of arm tendinitis include tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, pitcher’s shoulder or swimmer’s shoulder. When you experience painful symptoms […]

How To Find A Police Report Online

File A Police Report Online. Welcome to the Los Angeles Police Department Community Online Reporting Service. Using this service allows you to submit select police reports at your convenience. IF THIS IS AN EMERGENCY OR CRIME IN PROGRESS, PLEASE CALL 911. […]

How To Know If Your Dog Ate A Razor

If you think your dog ate onions in large quantities, or if your dog seems like he isnt feeling well, Dr. Werber suggests seeking immediate veterinary care. Your veterinarian will be able to […]

Fortnite How To Get Platinum

This list is offers a glimpse into the sorts of challenges players will face when the Fortnite storms arrive on July 25th. All Fortnite Achievements and Trophies Hero of the Storm (Platinum) : Earn all other Fortnite trophies to collect this trophy. […]

How To Get A Rich Gay Husband

Hello! I have just written a blog post about how to find a rich boyfriend! Although the context is in Hong Kong , I hope this helps you! How to Find a Rich Boyfriend in Hong Kong - Jobable Blog Cheers! […]

How To Get To Isukushim Miyajima Island

Re: Getting to Miyajima from cruise ship terminal Aug. 31, 2013, 6:42 a.m. Itsukushima Shrine and Miyajima Island is connected everyday by a frequent ferry from Miyajimaguchi railway station/port, although the special boat service for tourists from Peace Memorial Park is not in operation in winter time. […]

How To Make A Large Forehead Look Smaller

So if you're looking for how you can make this part of the face look smaller, do not miss the next selection of the best OneHowTo hairstyles to hide a large forehead. You may also be interested in: Hairstyles to Hide Large Ears. Steps to follow: 1. Side or straight fringe. When you want to hide a large forehead or a rather wide forehead, the fringe becomes undoubtedly your best ally for it […]

How To Take Care Of Your Skin In The Fall

Take a look at the slideshow above for our favorite fall fixes and tell us how you change your beauty routine in the comments below! More From Beauty High: Matte Makeup, Hair and Nails: How to […]

How To Know What You Will Look Like Older

3/03/2007 · And more importantly, what would you look like if Botticelli painted your portrait? Now you can find out, thanks to the Face Transformer hosted by the Perception lab at St Andrews. To give you an idea: This is yours truly. This image has not been digitally altered, hard as you … […]

How To Get A Battle Pet Aqw

As the weather starts to warm up, cats and dogs shed off their thick winter coats. If you have pets in your home or office, you may soon find yourself fighting the battle against pet hair. […]

How To Find Peer Reviewed Definitions

Peer reviewed journal articles aren't any different from non-peer reviewed articles in terms of referencing. The elements and order of the elements are like this: The elements and order of the elements are like this: […]

How To Get The Uniorn Mace In Ulnlimite Boxing

Let it dry – don’t get impatient, make sure the red is completely dry before moving to the next step. When the red is dry – paint your nail tips black or dark – try Essie ‘Liquorice’. […]

How To Get A Girlfriend At Age 10

3/10/2008 Do not answer if u r going to say u r 2 young. all my friends have 1. and all you do when you go out when your going out at age 12 is hang out in school and say you are going out. […]

How To Get Rust Stains Out Of Stone Benchtops

Stone Benchtop Repairs – Joints. Stone Benchtop repairs to joints are common on natural marble, limestone, travertine, onyx, granite and engineered Caesarstone, Essastone, Quantum Quartz, Silestone and HanStone kitchen benchtops, bartops, table tops and bathroom vanities, when the existing coloured epoxy resins in the join come loose or […]

How To Join Cds For Display

Once connected to the server join the channel by typing /join (no quotes). Once you join follow the instructions that display on your screen. Once you join follow the instructions that display on your screen. […]

How To Go To Punta Fuego Commute

14/07/2015 · Peninsula De Punta Fuego is a sprawling 88 hectares luxury membership resort club located on Peninsula de Punta Fuego a pristine coast of Nasugbu, Batangas. It is a first class recreation facility […]

How To Get Water Out Of Medela Breast Pump Tubing

Pump in style advanced is a double electric breast pump designed for moms who pump several times a day.Like every medela product, the award-winning pump in style is designed to make breastfeeding easier, so you can feed your baby with amazing breast milk for longer. […]

How To Find Windows 10 Login Background

How to Change Windows 10 Login Screen Background by Gary Oldwood on 29 July 2015 13263 views Today (29 th of July) is the day that the official public release of Windows 10 will be installed in your computer if you are using Windows 7 or 8/8.1 and had agreed to upgrade, as it was planned by Microsoft (you can read details regarding the free upgrade here ). […]

How To Unfriend Someone On Facebook So They Know

We all have those friends who talk too much on Facebook, or they just post really depressing stuff all the time. Perhaps it is an ex-employee, ex-spouse, ex-client or someone that is a competitor of yours. […]

How To Get Rid Of Body Aches Due To Flu

Sinus symptoms and body aches, fatigue? At the age of 47 all of a sudden I stared to get the 'flu' every 3-10 days. Body aches, going through a box of tissues and severe fatigue.Over a year, I went to a GP, ENT, Allergist and an Immunologist. I had scans and was put on a ton of antibiotics and it was also suggested that I use a netti pot. All for nothing. I finally went to a DO who […]

How To Get Need For Speed Payback Pc

Gameplay Need For Speed Payback PC. The action is racing around the car race, but many interesting elements of the story have been added to it. In need for speed payback we have three heroes: Tyler, Mac and also Jess. […]

Serie Online How To Get Away With A Murderer

LINKS ATUALIZADOS 10/07/2016. How to Get Away with Murder é um eletrizante thriller de suspense, da produtora Shonda Rhimes (de Grey’s Anatomy e Scandal), sobre um grupo de ambiciosos estudantes de Direito e sua brilhante e misteriosa professora de defesa criminal, que se vê envolvida em uma trama de assassinato que vai agitar toda a […]

How To Get Australiam Weapons

Whilst Australia has a history of considering nuclear weapons (which is why the facilities at Jervis Bay were established), the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) prohibits research to develop nuclear weapons. Australia is also a signatory to the NonProliferation Treaty. In short, if Canberra had nuclear aspirations, they’d quickly come to a legal halt. […]

How To Get A Radio In Murder Mytery

CBS Radio Mystery Theater was meant to appeal to an audience that remembered when old time radio drama was a popular form of family entertainment. Riding on the wave of nostalgia fever, the radio show attracted many younger listeners who would stay up late, hidden under their covers to hear the program on their bedroom radio (and many of them were not able to go to sleep after listening to the […]

How To Get Thin Cheeks Fast

How to Get Chubby Cheeks. by Top10HomeRemedies Team. February 5, 2015. 47. Your cheeks have a huge impact on how you look. Chubby cheeks create a youthful appearance, high cheekbones are considered attractive by many and saggy cheeks are often a sign of aging. Ones face looks fuller at a younger age due to the presence of subcutaneous fat under the skin. This fat is especially located […]

How To Get From Kaliningrad Russia To Nizhniy Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod has numerous institutions of higher learning, including the N.I. Lobachevsky State University (founded 1918). There is also a state art museum and one of the oldest drama theatres in Russia (established 1798). […]

How To Get Full Makeup Coverage

Cost: ~ $10. 2. Concealer. This is a new line from Wet N’ Wild that is AWESOME! The Photo Focus concealer especially stands out for me, since it’s thick, but still manages to … […]

How To Learn High School Math Online

Math Courses include Basic and Advanced Placement Options. eAchieve Academys online high school mathematics department is taught by experienced instructors who combine their love of computers and math to bring students a dynamic learning experience. […]

How To Keep Multi Desktop After Reboot In Windows 10

Along with a new Start menu, Windows 10 introduces a new way to access the troubleshooting and recovery environment. It can be useful if your OS does not work properly, or does not boot at all. In this article, I would like to share the new way to access the recovery environment and reboot Windows […]

How To Grow Rainier Cherry Tree From Seed

Fresh juicy cherries straight from the tree are a delicious treat around Christmas time and its great to be able to harvest them in the sort of quantities that lead to full-on feasts. If you grow your own then you’ll hopefully not only have enough to satisfy a taste for the sweet fresh cherries but also to store as jams, preserves and frozen puddings. Cherry trees can grow to the height of a […]

How To Get Away With Murder S03e03 Subtitles

Visitors of SubtitlesBank have given a rating of 8.4 / 10 for "How to Get Away with Murder" S03E03 Always Bet Black subtitles . Subtitles of different languages may be downloaded for free as a … […]

How To Get Cat Nail Caps Off

Normally the nail caps will fall off with the natural growth of the cats and rabbits nails. But, some cats and rabbits (actually very few) dont shed their nails as rapidly as other cats and the nail caps dont fall off on their own. If this occurs, all that needs to be done is to trim the very tip of the nail cap. This will help break the adhesive seal and the nail caps should fall off. […]

How To Leave On A Tight Budget

Leave Vegas on a Monday for Weekend Getaways If youre going to Vegas for a weekend getaway, chances are youre playing hooky from work on friday, flying to Vegas instead, and staying until Sunday. […]

How To Access News 24 Abc Live On Desk Top

2 days ago · CBSN is the first digital streaming news network that will allow Internet-connected consumers to watch live, anchored news coverage on their connected TV … […]

How To Get Secret Game Code Revise

You haven't got time to cover everything so pick a few areas to revise and tick them off a list. You won't get 100% but it's better than only knowing one fact about every topic. It's better to […]

7.2 How To Get Flying

So, flying in 7.2 ! Looking forward to my elemental :D . Commento di WithFieryTruth That disappointment when you unlock the Pathfinder achievement after two and a half months, thinking "Finally, I'm done with this tedious rep grind and can soar into the sky", only to realize that all you get is a measly +20% mount speed increase and you'll have to start rep grinding for an entirely new faction […]

How To Put On Eyeliner To Make Eyes Look Bigger

Visit the post for more. 15 tips and tricks on how to make your eyes look bigger brighter up tipseye im sharing all my tricks on how to apply eyeshadow eyeliner and make your eyes look bigger pinup eyes that pop eye makeup tutorials and how to make your look best 25 bigger eyes ideas on makeup hacks for how to apply and everyday eyeshadow […]

How To Get My Maths On Ipad

Initially I was cynical, as to how Thinkster Math would be any different from the thousands of math apps available, but my kids are used to being guinea pigs for testing out new math programs, and the fact that they could do their work on an iPad while slouching around the house really appealed to them. […]

How To Grow Out Hair Fast And Healthy

An expert's guide to growing long (and healthy!) hair 1 /15 BEAUTY > HAIR-INSIDER ; An expert's guide to growing long (and healthy!) hair 03 June 2013 A-list hair stylist Anthony Nader gives his […]

How To Find Model Number

Instructions to find a serial number (S/N) on the Seagate, Samsung Maxtor and LaCie drives. Your product serial number is a unique identifier that allows us to […]

How To Grill Dory Fish Fillet

John Dory Fish Dory Fish Recipe Octopus Tilapia Olives Fried Fish Fish Recipes Seafood Recipes Fish Dishes Forward Turbot or sole would also be delicious in this crispy fish dish. […]

How To Get Wider Shoulders With Dumbbells

Build a bigger chest, wider shoulders and better triceps at home! Download my ultimate, scientifically-optimized, at-home chest shoulders and triceps workout for FREE! Get the exact workout that has helped me transform my physique, find out how I construct it step-by-step using resistance training science and try it out! […]

How To Get To Queens Theatre London

The Queen's Theatre is a popular West End theatre located in Shaftesbury Avenue in Westminster, London. The theatre was a twin to the neighbouring Gielgud Theatre, both of which were designed by W. G. R. Sprague. […]

How To Find Cdl Drivers

Get trained for your CDL through the hiring company, or find a training program. Training lasts from a few weeks to a few months depending on which program you attend. Get your CDL … […]

How To Get Numbers From Array

Example to get the size of an Array in Swift using count function. In the following example, we have two arrays. First array values is empty. Second array numbers is an integer array with three elements. […]

How To Know If Your First Boyfriend Is The One

If you've moved on with your life, and have dated other people, but your first is still on your mind, you're still feeling very strongly about them. It's even more telling, though, if that person […]

How To Grow And Harvest Potatoes

Over the past few years, my gardening efforts have shifted from growing a bit of everything to growing what does best in my climate and what actually fills the bellies of my family. […]

How To Get To Angel Falls Venezuela

To get to the base of Angel Falls, we will escort the group on a 1 to 1.5-hour slow hike (at your own speed) through the soaring canopied rainforest. The trip to Angel Falls and Canaima National Park includes walking, hiking, swimming and river travel in large canoes (curiaras). […]

How To Get Cheap Hotels In Sydney

11/08/2017 · The cheapest places to stay in Sydney are backpacker hostels. If you want something a little more upmarket use websites like Wotif and Trivago for some good deals. If you want something a little more upmarket use websites like Wotif and Trivago for some good deals. […]

How To Get Sponsored As A Fitness Model

IFBB Pro & Fitness Model Steve Cook Talks With [2011] Share 232. Tweet. 232 Shares. How did you get started with bodybuilding? I grew up in a very athletic family and Im the middle child in a family of seven. All the kids played sport, my dad was an athletic director at a local high school and I spent a lot of time at the track, gym and weight room. My love for working […]

How To Make The Redness Of Your Pimples Go Away

Eye drops that "get the red out" of your peepers can actually do the same for zits. Put a few drops onto a Q-tip (or skin directly if you're agile) and dab. Bonus: The drops will also help dry the […]

How To Know If I Am Ready For Marriage

Going by the description, this would be an emotional decision rather than a mental and thoughtful decision. A person who is terminally ill but mentally strong would not ask for favors from someone just to make him happy due to his condition. […]

How To Charge Ez Go Golf Cart

6/01/2019 · Went to put my 2011 48 volt EZGO golf cart on the charger and batteries won’t take a charge. The indicator light won’t even come on to act like the charger is working. […]

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